Triple Bogey Tour started in Rakičan

The Ringin' RakiChains tournament was played on April 22 and 23 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) as the first of three events of the Triple Bogey Tour 2023. The tournament was held at the Park Rakičan disc golf course, and was organized by Lagoda Disc Golf with the help of the local organizer - the Pomurje Disc Golf Club.

The competition was played on a 18-hole course, and started on Saturday at 10:30 with excellent weather conditions - sunny and warm, with practically no wind. Two rounds were played on Saturday, while the third round was played on Sunday starting at 10:00 and again in very good conditions. Each round lasted for about 2 hours, and the event ended with the winners ceremony on Sunday around 13:00.

A total of 52 participants from Slovenia (20), Croatia (19) and Austria (13) took part in the event, which is quite a good turnout of players, especially when you bear in mind the fact that a tournament was played in Zagreb the weekend before, during the same weekend a tournament in Austria (Eisenstadt) with 72 players was held, and there are two tournaments scheduled for the next weekend - one in Croatia (Martinuševec) and one in Slovenia (Lipica).

The course layout, as planned for Tripley Bogey Tour events, was modified compared to earlier tournaments in Rakičan in such a way that several holes were shortened and made easier, and that even players rated 800 to 850 had a chance for a birdie on at least 6-7 holes.

In the highest Gold category, intended for male and female players with a rating of over 900, 8 competitors took part, and the victory was convincingly won by Aleksandar Bato Sudžuković with 12 strokes over the rest of the field, and a score of 28 below par. The second place was won by Tomislav Gorički (-16), while the third place went to Dinko Šimenc (-13).

In the Red category, intended for male and female players with a rating of up to 900, 12 competitors participated, and Marin Grbac won with an excellent game in the last third round with a total score of -19, which would place him in 2nd place in the Gold category. Second place was shared by Matic Blaž and Andreja Bernjak with -14.

As many as 20 competitors took part in the Green category, intended for players with a rating of up to 850, and the victory was won by the local player Andrej Kozic, who, very likely, will "outgrow" this category at the next rating update in May, because all three of his rounds were rated above 900. The total score with which Kozic finished this tournament is -19, which, like the Grbac from the Red category, would place him in 2nd place in the Gold category. Second place went to Barbara Poljšak (-8), and third place to Philipp Friedl (-6).

In the Purple category, intended for players with a rating of up to 800, 13 competitors took part, and Jure Kirbiš won with a total of +3. Second place went to Kevin Koller (+6), and third to Tilen Sapač (+7).

Side events to the main tournament were Ace pool, Overachiever and CTP.

The Overachiever award is given to the player who played the tournament the most above his rating, with the fact that the competition includes only female and male players who already have at least 20 rounds included in the rating, because it is a bit easier for those who have just started playing disc golf to play well above their own rating, unlike those who have been playing disc golf for many years. The third place in the standings was taken by Matic Blaž (+55 above the rating), the second by Marin Grbac (+64) and the first by Andrej Kozic, who played the tournament as much as 87 above his rating. As a prize, he could choose one disc from the Lagoda shop.

The Ace pool pot already amounted to €83 from earlier tournaments, and in this tournament 37 players paid the registration fee, so the amount of the potential prize was €120. Unfortunately for all who participated in this competition, the ace was not scored, so the prize fund is transferred to the next tournament organized by Lagoda - Blooming Hills.

The CTP (Closest to the pin) game on hole 14, 61m long, was won by Nino Đurak whose disc ended its flight 89 cm from the basket. As a prize, he could choose one disc from the Lagoda shop.

After the awards ceremony for the best in all categories, a tournament raffle was held, in which prizes with a total equivalent value of €180 were awarded. Players who were drawn in the raffle could choose some of the prizes (disc rack by Zack woodworks, disc golf backpack and t-shirts with the tournament logo). The players who received the prize (Florian Maurer, Gregor Žlebnik, Gerald Wölbl, Andreja Bernjak and Tim Jeršič) cannot win the raffle at the next Lagoda tournament.

The best round of the tournament of -12 was played by Bato Sudžuković (rating 1.007), while the best women's round was played by Andreja Bernjak andthat score was -7 (rating 936).

The results of the competition can be found on the PDGA website.
Triple Bogey Tour continues with Blooming Hills, a tournament scheduled for May 21st and 22nd in Toplice Sveti Martin.

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Tour standings after the first event of the tour can be found in the PDF file on this page.