TBT 2023 #1 - Ringin' RakiChains

Ringin' RakiChains is a tournament that will be played on April 22 and 23, 2023 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) on the Park Rakičan course as the first of three stations of the Triple Bogey Tour 2023. The competition will take place through three rounds of 18 tracks, two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday.

The tournament is organized by Lagoda Disc Golf with the help of the local organizer Disc Golf Club Pomurje. This year's tournament will be the second edition of Ringin' Rakichains, which was played for the first time in 2022 with the participation of 71 players who arrived from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia and Serbia.

All three events of the Triple Bogey Tour 2023 are played in the PDGA color categories that are open to both genders, namely Purple (rating up to 800), Green (rating up to 850), Red (rating up to 900) and the Gold category (for all other players) .

For more information about the tour and the overall standings, see the Triple Bogey Tour page.

A player who was eligible to participate in a certain category in the first round of the tour (eg someone with a rating of 846 sufficient for Green) can participate in that same category in all three rounds of the tour, even if his/her rating in the meantime exceeds the category limit.

At the same time, each player can play in a higher rating category if he/she so chooses (for example, someone with a rating of 730 can play Purple, but also any other category, but a player with a rating of, for example, 870, cannot play Purple or Green).

Players who are not members of the PDGA and do not have a rating can play the Purple category only if they have not played PDGA tournaments so far, or they have played PDGA tournaments and the last 6 rounds played are not worth more than 800 rating points on average. If those rounds are worth more than 800 then they can play the Green, Red or MPO / FPO category. A player who does not have a rating and has more than 850 rating points in the last 6 rounds cannot play the Green category, but can play Red or MPO / FPO.

You can follow the weather forecast for Murska Sobota on the Yr.no page.

The tournament program is as follows

Saturday, April 22nd
9:00 meet up at the course, practice
9:50 Players meeting
10:30 start of Round 1 (očekivano trajanje oko 2:10 - 2:40 sati)
13:00 lunch break, option to pre-order a meal
14:30 start of Round 2
18:30 dinner, option to pre-order a meal
19:30 evening socializing
Sunday, April 23rd
9:00 meet up at the course, practice
9:00 - 9:30 mandatory check-in
10:00 start of Round 3
13:00 winners ceremony
- lunch, option to pre-order a meal

To sign up for the competition, open a separate registration page.
The results of the competition will be published on the PDGA website.

The registration fee for the tournament for the Green, Red and Gold categories is €25, and the registration fee for the Purple category is €15 and is paid to the account of Lagoda j.d.o.o. before the event. The fee includes the organization of the tournament, fee for use of the course, fee for the prize fund of the entire tour, a small trophy for the best players in each category and raffle prizes.
The participation fee must be paid to the bank account before or after the tournament: Lagoda j.d.o.o., Varaždin, HR6323400091110550349
If you do not pay the registration fee in advance, it will be possible to pay in cash at the tournament itself.

For the categories Green, Red and Gold, 5€ is allocated from each registration fee paid into the category prize fund, and after the last round, the best placed 25% of players for each category will receive cash prizes (or the equivalent value in goods) according to the distribution table. In the Purple category (where a lower registration fee is paid), there will be no distribution of prizes for the best 25% of players, but only the top 5 participants in the overall standings will receive prizes.

Concept of play
The competition will take place in the following format:
Round 1 - groups will be formed with mixed categories and strength groups determined according to PDGA rating. We will try not to put players from the same clubs / countries in the same groups in the first round, so that through the game they can socialize with players they do not see regularly.
Round 2 and Round 3 - groups formed by result, without mixing categories

The course
The course on which the tournament is played is arranged on the area of the permanent disc golf course Park Rakičan Disc Golf with some additional baskets and certain changes.
The baskets that will be used on all courses are Prodigy T2.
The tees will mostly be carpeted with artificial grass, while perhaps a smaller number of tees will only be marked on the ground (details will be available later).
The course map in PDF format will be available on this page at the beginning of April.

In the castle itself, there are currently only two 4* rooms available during the tournament, each for a maximum of 3 people. The price for 1 or 2 people is €100 per night, and the price for 3 people is €130 per night, plus a tourist tax of €2 per person per night.

For the participants, we will offer the option of shared accommodation near the field where more people can be accommodated.

Tournament participants will be offered the option to pre-order lunch on Saturday, dinner on Saturday and lunch on Sunday. The exact list of dishes and prices will be available later.

If you come by car, you can park at the edge of the park (google maps location).

There is a cafe within the castle and it is possible to use their toilet. The cafe's working hours are on Friday and Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., and on Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All the photos we take at the tournament will be added to the Google Photos Album at the end of each day and you can download them and use them for social networks.
When posting on Instagram, please use #triplebogeytour #ringinrakichains #discgolfrakican #murskasobota @lagoda_disc_golf @visitmurskasobota @parkrakicandiscgolf 

Ace Pool
All players who wish to do so can pay €1 in cash, which is placed in a special piggy bank. From past Lagoda tournaments in the Ace Pool bank on March 21st €83 is already there.
The player who hits an ace in the tournament becomes the winner of the entire prize fund of the Ace pool. If two or more players hit an ace in the same tournament, they share the ace pool. If no player hits an ace, the ace pool is carried over to the next Lagoda tournament, and so on until the ace pool is paid out in one tournament. Ace pool will not transfer to Euro Tour Pro Forester.

A player who wants to participate in the Ace pool must pay €1 before the start of the first round. If the player hits an ace and has not paid the ace pool before the start of the first round, he is not entitled to the prize.

CTP – Closest to the pin
On one track, we will organize an additional competition in who threw the disc closest to the basket, and it will take place during the game in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd rounds. There will be a meter next to the basket post, and the player whose disc comes to rest near the basket can measure the distance from the post to the disc. The player whose disc has the shortest distance from the basket after the completion of the second round of the competition wins the prize. For the result to be valid, the disc must be 5m or less from the basket, and you should send a photo from the distance shown on the meter to the official tournament WhatsApp group.

The award is given to the player who played the tournament on average above his rating (according to the current ratings on the PDGA website). All tournament participants who have a PDGA number and an active membership and who have at least 20 rounds played in their rating participate in this competition.

Prizes and Tournament respect raffle
At the tournaments we organize, trophies and smaller prizes are awarded to the best three players in the MPO, FPO, Red and Green categories who pay the full amount of the registration fee, as well as a prize to the winner of the Purple category (who pay a reduced registration fee), while in addition to that, we reward all players who earned by respecting the event and rules of the tournament through a raffle. The raffle is held at the end of the tournament, after the announcement of the winners in all categories. The usual top raffle prize is a disc golf backpack.

In order for a player to be able to claim a raffle prize, he/she must:
1. Be present at the players meeting (when we read your name at the beginning of the meeting you should be present)
2. Pay the registration fee for the tournament in advance or during the tournament (no later than the beginning of the Winners ceremony)
3. Play all rounds of the tournament
4. Register on time (mandatory check-in) if this is stated in the tournament schedule
5. To be present at the Winners ceremony.

If a player is drawn in the raffle, but has not met all four criteria, he cannot claim the prize, so the next player will be drawn. The same player cannot win a raffle prize in two consecutive tournaments.

Photos in the gallery and on this page:
Borut Bencak, Blaž Weindorfer and Lagoda Disc Golf