What is Disc golf?

Disc golf is a sport with a tradition of almost 60 years, and it is most popular in the USA and the countries of Northern and Western Europe. In the aforementioned countries, a large number of new courses are opened every year on park areas in and around cities, and very often they are also set up within student campuses, thus becoming a daily habit and recreation for all age groups and diverse profiles of people.

The sport itself is very similar to classic golf with the difference that players throw specially designed flying discs that they need to put into the disc golf basket.

The disc golf course can be easily set up on almost any surface because, due to the fact that the disc travels through the air, it can be played on different types of terrain - outdoors or in the woods, on grass, rocks, sand, dirt and almost any other surface. It is therefore environmentally friendly, and apart from occasional mowing, it does not require any other significant maintenance costs.

For every recreational player, only two discs (frisbees) are enough for the game, which can be purchased in Croatia at a price starting at €12 per piece, which makes the sport itself available to practically every interested person.

The central global body that takes care of the development of sports and competitions is Professional Disc Golf Association.

According to the PDGA statistics about 8-12 million people have tried this sport at least once, there are about 3 million regular players in the world, and there were 136,347 members who paid the annual membership fee to the PDGA for 2023.
For comparison, it is interesting to point out that in 2015 there were 30,454 paid membership fees, and in 2011 only 16,109 of them, so that the number of PDGA members has increased many times over eleven years.
During 2022, 8,931 tournaments with a total prize fund of USD 10,500,000 were held around the world, while, for comparison, in 2015, only 2,581 tournaments were held with 175,183 participants and a total prize fund of USD 3,500,000.
That the sport is very popular among all age groups is shown by data on PDGA membership, which in 2022 consisted of 7% of members under 20 years of age, 26% of members aged 20 to 29, 35% of 30 to 39 years of age, and 27 % older than 40 years.