Where to find Courses

In Croatia, there are five established public courses: Disc golf course Platak, Disc golf course Varaždinske Toplice, Disc golf course Toplice Sveti Martin, Disc golf course Stonehill (Stubičke Toplice), and Disc golf course Terra Malvasia (Bartići - Labin). These five courses were designed and developed by the company Lagoda Disc Golf.

In addition to these permanent public courses in Croatia, there are several other places where disc golf can be played, but additional information is needed before visiting because these courses are either equipped with temporary installations or located on privately maintained grounds.

The Disc Martinuševec course in the village of Martinuševec in Međimurje was established in 2010 on private land by enthusiast Predrag Peršak and is the first disc golf course in our region. This course lacks signs or marked course plans and is not suitable for individual visits without prior arrangement with local players (Disc Golf Club Varaždin).
The course near Vodovodna Street and the city cemetery in Varaždin is equipped with temporary equipment owned by the Disc Golf Club Lagoda, but the baskets at this location have been permanent since 2020. There are no signs with course plans or other information at the site.

There are several other disc golf courses near Croatia. In Slovenia, courses are established at the Kope ski resort, Areh ski resort, in the town of Mežica, and there is also a small training course of 6 holes in the suburbs of Ljubljana. In Austria, the nearest courses are in the area of Graz, namely three - one at the Josef Spa and two in the ski resorts of Hebalm and Schöckl. You can find a list and locations of most disc golf courses worldwide in the database of the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) or on the Udisc app website.