TBT 2022 #3 - Ringin' RakiChains

Ringin' RakiChains is a tournament that will be played on May 14 and 15 in Murska Sobota (Slovenia) at the Rakičan Castle Park as the final 3rd station of the Triple Bogey Tour 2022. The competition will take place through three rounds of 18 holes, two rounds on Saturday and one round on Sunday.
This tournament is produced by Lagoda Disc Golf with support of local organizer Disc golf club Pomurje.

All three rounds of the Triple Bogey Tour 2022 are played in PDGA color categories that are open to both genders: Purple (up to 800), Green (up to 850), Red (up to 900) and Gold (everyone over 900). Read more about tour rules and overall standings at Triple Bogey Tour page. Current tour standings can also be found as PDF file at this page.

A player who was eligible to participate in a particular category in the first event of the tour (e.g. someone with a rating of 846 sufficient for Green) can participate in that same category on all three stations of the tour, even if his/her rating exceeds the category limit in the meantime.

At the same time, each player can play in a higher category by rating if he/she chooses so (e.g. someone with a rating of 730 can play Purple, but also any other category, but a player with a rating of 870 can play only Red or Gold and cannot play Purple or Green)

The competition will be held in accordance with the currently valid Covid19 measures.

You can follow the weather forecast for Murska Sobota on the Yr.no page.

The tournament program is as follows

Saturday, May 14
9:00 Meet-up at the course, practice
9:50 Players meeting
10:30 Start of play in Round 1 (expected duration is around 3 hours)
13:30 Lunch break
15:00 Start of play in Round 2
19:30 Evening socializing
Sunday, May 15
9:00 Meet-up at the course, practice
9:00 - 9:30 Mandatory Check-in
10:00 Start of play in Round 3
13:30 Winners Ceremony

The course for the tournament will be set up on the site of the permanent disc golf course Park Rakičan Disc Golf. As there is only 14 permanent holes, additional 4 baskets will be added for the needs of the tournament and 4 additional holes will be created.

The baskets used on all holes are Prodigy T2.

Pretty much all tees will have artificial grass turf, while while a few may only be marked on the ground (details will be available at a later date).

You can download course map in PDF file from this page.

Registrations and Fee
To sign up for the competition, open a separate registration page.

The results of the event will be published on the PDGA page.

The registration fee for the tournament for the Green, Red and Gold categories is 160 kn / 21.5 €, and the registration fee for the Purple category is 75 kn / 10 €. Tournament fee should be paid to the account of Lagoda j.d.o.o. before the tournament and it covers the event production.

Use the following information to pay the registration fee:
Company: Lagoda jd.o.o.
Address: Varazdin, Ivana Cankara 9
IBAN: HR6323400091110550349
Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb

For categories Green, Red and Gold from each paid registration fee the amount of 5.5 € is allocated towards the prize fund of the category and after the last event of the tour top placed 25% of players for each category will receive cash prizes (or equivalent in goods) according to the distribution table.

In the Purple category, there will be no distribution of prizes for the best 25% of players, but only the best 5 players in the overall standings will receive prizes.


The competition in the 1st round takes place in such a way that the players are mixed into groups by strong groups and that we take care, as much as possible, that players from different countries and clubs play together (so you get to meet new disc golfers). In the second and third round, the players will be grouped as much as possible without mixing categories and in groups of 4 players.

Accommodation and food
For participants, there will be the possibility of accommodation within the Rakičan Castle, as well as the option of ordering food (lunch, dinner, breakfast) during the tournament. Details about this will be published on this page soon, and sent by e-mail to all registered players.

All the photos we take in the tournament will be added to the Google Photos Album at the end of each day, and you can download and use them for social media.

Tournament report in Slovenian media - vestnik.si