Masterpiece 2024

Masterpiece is a tournament that will be played on April 6 and 7, 2024 in Labin, Croatia (google maps). This will be the 1st edition of the tournament, and it is organized by Lagoda Disc Golf with local partners from the Atlas Rabac tourist agency and with the support of the Labin - Rabac Tourist Board and Dubrova Sculpture Park. About 70 players from a dozen European countries are expected to participate.


If you live outside the region where we organize tournaments (eg if you are from the USA, Canada, Northern Europe, etc.) and are thinking of participating in one of our tournaments, read the basic information on what Lagoda tournaments look like as the concept is likely somewhat different from what you are used to.

With the support of the Labin-Rabac Tourist Board, a special package price for participation in the tournament is provided for a limited number of players from abroad where you can save up to 85€ per person. Find additionl information in a separate article.

The number of participants is limited to 72, that is, the competition will be played in a maximum of 18 groups of 4 players.
All participants can choose the option of FULL or BASIC tournament fee.

FULL tournament fee is 60€ and it includes:
   - organization of tournaments, trophies and prizes
- fee to the Croatian Flying Disc Federation
- one tournament stamped disc (value 20 €)
- small tournament souvenir (value 3-5 €)
- hotel - course transfers from Thursday to Sunday
- lunch at the course on Saturday (one main course, value 15€)
- local products and wine tasting at Juričić Winery (value 20 €)

BASIC tournament fee is 30€ and includes: 
   - organization of tournaments, trophies and prizes
- fee to the Croatian Flying Disc Federation
- lunch at the course on Saturday (one main course, value 15€)

The event will be played in the following divisions:
 • MPO (open for both genders)
 • FPO (female open division)
 • Red (both genders, players PDGA rated up to 900)
 • Green (both genders, players PDGA rated up to 850)
 • Purple (both genders, players PDGA rated up to 800)

In the first round of registrations, until March 15th, the registration for the tournament is possible ONLY with the FULL or BASIC registration option. If there are still free spots left in the tournament, on March 15th a second round of registrations will be opened in which participants will be able to apply for the competition with a reduced SKELETON registration fee of €15, which will only include the organization of the tournament and the HFDS fee.

Players who are not members of the PDGA and do not have a rating can play the Purple division only if they have not played PDGA tournaments so far, or they have played PDGA tournaments and the last 6 rounds (or less if they have not played 6 rounds) are not worth more than 800 rating points on average. If those rounds are worth more than 800, then they can play the Green, Red or MPO / FPO category. A player who has no rating and the last 6 rounds (or less if 6 rounds have not been played) is worth more than 850 rating points cannot play the Green category but can play Red or MPO / FPO.

The tournament fee should be paid to the Lagoda bank account before the event:
Lagoda j.d.o.o., Varaždin, HR6323400091110550349
If you do not pay the registration fee in advance, it will be possible to pay in cash at the tournament itself.

To sign up for the event open the registration page.
Tournaments results and live scoring will be available at the PDGA page.

Tournament Schedule:
Friday, April 5th
- The course is open for practice
- Option for a tourist sightseeing (extra charged)
19:00 - Dinner at the hotel (for players staying at Sanfior Casa & Hotel)
20:30 - Players meeting (Sanfior hotel)
Saturday, April 6th
8:15 - Bus shuttle from the Sanfior Casa & Hotel to the course
10:00 - Start of Round 1
13:15 - Bus shuttle to the ŠTERNA restaurant
14:45 - Start of Round 2
17:45 - Bus shuttle to the Juričić Winery
- Wine and local products tasting
19:15 - Return to the Sanfior Casa & Hotel
- Dinner at the hotel (for players staying at Sanfior Casa & Hotel)
Sunday, April 7th
9:15 - 9:35 - Mandatory check-in at the course
10:00 - Start of Round 3
13:30 - Winners ceremony (at the course)


Arriving to the course and the official hotel is possible by private vehicle or organized transport by the official agency Atlas Rabac. The city of Labin (location of the course) and the town of Rabac (location of the hotel) are poorly connected by public transport to other major cities in the area, so arriving by public transport is not recommended, but for any questions, please feel free to contact us (Lagoda Disc Golf) and we will be happy to help you.
Arriving by plane is possible to one of the nearby airports - Pula (45 min car ride; direct flight to Zagreb, Zurich...), Rijeka (90 min car ride), Trst (2:15 hour car ride; direct flight to Frankfurt...), Ljubljana (2:40 hour car ride; direct flight to Istambul, Frankfurt, Paris, Munchen, Dubai, Luxembourg, Zurich, Amsterdam, London...), Zagreb (3 hour car ride; direct flight to Amsterdam, Paris, Istambul, Frankfurt, London, Vienna, Zurich...)

Official accommodation for players and accompaniying persons is at Valamar Sanfior Hotel & Casa located on the very coast of the Adriatic Sea in the town of Rabac, 15 minutes away by car from the course in the Dubrova Sculpture Park.

In partnership with the travel agency Atlas Rabac, special accommodation prices are provided for tournament participants, and players can only make reservations at these prices through the agency at contacts This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +385 98 421154.

Valamar Sanfior Hotel & Casa
Room type
Single room, 1 person - bed and breakfast, dinner 95 €
Double room, 2 persons - bed and breakfast, dinner 120 € (60€ per person)
Double room, 3 persons, one extra bed - bed and breakfast, dinner 168 € (56€ per personi)

The price includes tourist tax, a welcome drink, use of the hotel's fitness center, and indoor and outdoor swimming pools, drinks during dinner from the vending machine (sodas, water).
Accommodation price for children: for children up to 2 years, the discount is 100%, for children from 2 to 12 years, the discount is 50% if there are two adults sharing the room, or 30% if there is only one adult sharing the room.
You can find additional information and more photos of the hotel itself and its offers on a separate page.

Communication with participants

All registered participants will be contacted via e-mail no later than 5 days before the tournament with basic information and news related to the upcoming competition.
For communication during the competition itself, a WhatsApp group will be created in which all news will be posted throughout the duration of the tournament, and through the group participants themselves can communicate with each other (and, for example, arrange meet up for practice or similar)

Lunch at the course
On Saturday, lunch will be organized for all participants in full and basic registration option. Lunch will be served in a restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the course.

Concept of play

The competition will take place in the following format:
 Round 1 - groups will be formed with mixed divisions and strength groups determined according to PDGA rating.
  We will try not to put players from the same clubs / countries in the same groups in the first round, so that through the game they can socialize with players they do not see regularly.
 Round 2 - groups will be formed according to the score, WITH mixed divisions.
 Round 3 - groups will be formed according to the score, NO mixing of divisions.

In the first round, all groups are expected to have a maximum of 4 players. In the 2nd and 3rd rounds, it is possible for some groups (top scoring ones) to consist of 5 players, some of 4, and some of 3, in order to even out the pace of the play and to make the round last about the same for all players.

The course of 18 holes is set up in the area of the Dubrova Sculpture Park. (Google location)
Download the course layout as part of the Caddie book booklet in PDF format from this page.

The baskets that will be used are Disc Golf Park targets.
The tees will be equipped with artificial turf carpets.

Course map

There are parking spaces next to the course (google maps location).

There is no infrastructure or toilets at the course. At least one chemical toilet will be provided for tournament participants.

Weather forecast for Labin can be checked at page. In case of bad weather you can follow the thunderstorm radar or percipitation radar.
The expected weather at the beginning of April in the Labin area is warm spring weather, and we hope that the conditions for the tournament will be just like that.

Photos and social networks
All photos we take at the tournament will be added to the Google Photos Album at the end of each day and you can download them and use them for social networks.
When posting on Instagram, please use #masterpiece #discgolflabin #discgolfistria #labinrabac @atlasrabac @visitlabinrabac @lagoda_disc_golf

Ace Pool game
All players who wish to do so can pay €1 in cash, which is placed in a special piggy bank.
The player who hits an ace in the tournament becomes the winner of the entire prize fund of the Ace pool. If two or more players hit an ace in the same tournament, they share the ace pool. If no player hits an ace, the ace pool is carried over to the next Lagoda tournament, and so on until the ace pool is paid out in one tournament.
A player who wants to participate in the Ace pool must pay €1 before the start of the first round. If a player hits an ace and has not paid in the ace pool before the start of the first round, then he is not entitled to the prize.

CTP Game – Closest to the pin
On one hole there will be an additional competition in "who threw the disc closest to the basket" during the play in the 1st and 2nd round. There will be a tape meter next to the basket post, and the player whose disc comes to rest near the basket can measure the distance from the post to the disc. The player whose disc has the smallest distance from the basket after the completion of the second round of the competition wins the prize.
For the result to be valid, the disc must be 5m or less from the basket, and you should send a photo from the distance shown on the meter to the official tournament WhatsApp group and indicate the distance in centimeters to the basket.

Overachiever Award
The award is given to the player who played the tournament on average the most above his rating (according to the current ratings on the PDGA website). All tournament participants who have a PDGA number and an active membership participate in this competition, but they need to have at least 20 rated rounds included in their rating.

Prizes and Tournament respect raffle
At the tournaments we organize, smaller prizes are awarded to the best three players in the MPO, FPO and to winners in Red, Green and Purple division, while we additionally reward all players through a raffle. The raffle is held at the end of the tournament, after the Winners ceremony. The usual top raffle prize is a disc golf backpack.

In order for a player to win a raffle prize, he must:
1. Be present at the Players meeting
2. Pay the registration fee in advance or during the tournament (no later than the beginning of the Winners ceremony)
3. Complete all rounds of the tournament
4. Register on time (mandatory check-in) if this is stated in the tournament schedule
5. To be present at the Winner ceremony

If a player is drawn in the raffle, but has not met all five criteria, he cannot claim the prize, so the next player is drawn instead.

The same player cannot win a raffle prize in two consecutive tournaments.
In the Masterpiece 2024 tournament, the prize cannot be won by players who won it at the Terra Malvasia 2024 tournament.