Triple Bogey Tour 2022

Triple Bogey Tour is a new competition organized by Lagoda Disc Golf, which we launched in 2022 with the goal to offer tournaments that are played exclusively in mixed PDGA color categories where players of both genders are classified into categories according to their PDGA rating.

At the same time, we combined three tournaments into one tour to give players additional motivation to participate in tournaments regularly and fight for a place in the overall standings.

All three events of the Triple Bogey Tour 2022 will be played in PDGA color categories as follows:
- Purple (rating up to 800)
- Green (Rating Up to 850)
- Red (rating up to 900)
- Gold (rating above 970)

Although there are two more categories White (rating up to 935) and Blue (rating up to 970) due to the expected smaller number of players with a rating over 900 in this year's tournaments we did not offer this categories, so all players with a rating above 900 will participate in the highest Gold category.

As the primary goal of the tour is that the player participates in all three competitions and fights for a place in the overall standings, there will be no prizes in each of the tournaments, but prizes will be awarded only to the best in the overall standings.

A player who was eligible to participate in a particular category in the first round of the tour (e.g. someone with a rating of 846 sufficient for Green) can participate in that same category on all three rounds of the tour, even if his rating exceeds the category limit in the meantime.

At the same time, each player can play in a higher category by rating if he so chooses (e.g. someone of rating 730 can play Purple, but also any other category, someone of rating 890 can play Red or Gold, etc.)

On the other hand, a player with a rating of 870, for example, cannot play Purple or Green, but only Red or Gold.

If a player who does not have a rating, but has played a PDGA tournament and achieved rounds with a rating above the rating of the category, applies to compete in the Purple, Green or Red category, the Tournament director may move his participation to the appropriate higher category.

For categories Green, Red and Gold out of each paid registration fee 5.5 € is allocated towards the overall tour standings payout and after the last round of the tour, best placed 25% of players for each category will receive cash prizes (or equivalent in goods) according to the distribution table.

In the Purple category, there will be no distribution of prizes for the best 25% of players, but only the best 5 players in the overall standings will receive prizes.

The Triple Bogey Tour consists of 3 tournaments that are played according to the following schedule:

Round 1 - Spring Forester, Varaždin, Croatia, 12-13. 3.
Information - Results
The tournament was attended by 38 players from Croatia, Slovenia and Hungary. By categories, participants played in Purple (13), Green (11), Red (7) and Gold (7)

Round 2 - Blooming Hills, Sveti Martin Spa, Croatia, April 9-10.
Information - Results
The tournament was attended by 60 players from Croatia, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. By categories, participants played in Purple (18), Green (15), Red (9) and Gold (18)

Round 3 - Ringin 'RakiChains, Murska Sobota, Slovenia, May 14-15.
Information - Results

Overall tour standings
For the overall ranking, each player wins points according to the placement in each competition and wins 1 point for the first place, 2 points for the second, etc.

Those players who have fewer points are better, and theoretically the best result of the entire tour is 3 points, for the player who has won all three tournaments in his category.

All those players who do not participate in one of the competitions will receive automatic points - as many points as there were players who competed in their category (including players who did not finish the tournament, but started the play in the first round) plus 2 additional places. E.g. if 7 players played in the Gold in a tournament, then the player who did not participate will receive 9 automatic points.

You can download the current Tour standings in PDF format on this page.

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