Blooming Hills was held

The Blooming Hills tournament was played on May 20 and 21, 2023 in Toplice Sveti Martin as the 2nd station of the Triple Bogey Tour 2023.

The competition was played on a 18-hole course, and started on Saturday at 10:30 with beautiful and sunny weather and a light wind that occasionally reached 4-5 m/s. On Saturday, two rounds of 18 holes were played, each lasting about 2.5 hours, and only at the end of the day, while most groups were playing the last 1-2 holes, the weather worsened and a short-term storm passed over the course with light rain, but even though the game was not stopped the short-term strong wind surely affected some results. On the second day, on Sunday, the last third round was played, again in excellent sunny weather, and with an even weaker wind.

36 players from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria took part in the tournament, which is a slightly smaller number of participants than in other tournaments that are being played this year, but a lower turnout was to be expected, especially since almost every week there is a tournament in the region, so many players cannot participate in all events, and further more on the same weekend, a tournament was played in Austria just 1 hour by car away.

10 players participated in the highest Gold category, and the victory was won by Tomislav Gorički who showed supreme game with two excellent rounds (-9 and -11) and another good one (-6), which ensured him a total of -26 and even 11 shots ahead of the runner-up Sascha Derp (-15) from Austria. Third place was won by Aleksandar Bato Sudžuković with -13. It is worth mentioning that Gorički was at -12 three holes before the end of the second round, but at that moment a storm with light rain and significantly stronger wind moved over the course, which, instead of another birdie(s), led him to one unnecessary bogey and the final "only" -11.

Five players participated in the Red category for players rated up to 900, and in the fight for victory until the very end were Maring Grbac and Andrej Kozic - players who played an identical -19 in the 1st station of the tour in Rakičan. In the end, Grbac won with a total of -8, while Kozic was two throws behind him with -6. Third place was won by Andreja Bernjak with +2.

11 players participated in the Green category intended for players with a rating of up to 850, and in this category as well, two of them - Petar Mikić and Adrian Liber - fought to the very end. Ultimately, Mikić was better, finishing the tournament at +3, while Liber remained at +4. Third place was won by Nino Krvavica with +11.

9 competitors participated in the Purple category intended for male and female players with a rating of up to 800, and players from Austria shared the podium here. Andreas Karner won with +5, a player who did not have a PDGA rating until now, but played three excellent rounds of 827, 882 and 902 and will very likely soon, after the next rating update, surpass the Purple category. The second place, with +15, went to Eduard Reicht, while the third was Andreas Scheucher with +22.

Side events to the game were Ace pool, Overachiever and CTP.

The Overachiever award is given to the player who played the tournament in average the most over his current PDGA rating, with the fact that the competition includes only female and male players who already have at least 20 rounds included in the rating, because it is a bit easier for those who have just started playing disc golf to play well above their own rating, unlike those who have been playing disc golf for many years. The third place in the ranking was taken by Marin Grbac, who played the tournament 38 above his own rating. The second was Tomislav Gorički with +45, while Andrej Kozic won with +49.

The Ace pool bank already amounted to €120 from earlier Lagoda tournaments, and in this tournament 29 players paid the 1€ entry fee, so the amount of the potential prize was €149. After several tournaments, the ace was finally achieved at this one, and Tomislav Gorčki managed to do it on hole 3 (81 m) in the second round, thus becoming richer by a nice amount of money.

The CTP (Closest to the pin) game on hole 2 was won by Adrian Liber, whose disc ended up right next to the basket pole, i.e. 0 cm away from it.

After the winners ceremony for the best in all categories, a tournament raffle was held, in which prizes with a total equivalent value of €130 were awarded. Players who were drawn in the raffle could choose some of the prizes (discs rack, disc golf backpack or a disc). The prize was taken by Bato Sudžuković, Marina Starčić Krvavica and Sascha Derp, and they cannot win the raffle at the next Lagoda tournament.

The results of the eventn can be found on the PDGA website.

All the photos taken at the tournament are in the Google Photos Album and you can download them and use them for social networks.

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The last tournament of this year's Triple Bogey Tour will be played in Varaždin on June 17 and 18, and information and registrations can be found on a separate page.

The results of the Triple Bogey Tour after the second station will be published later on the Tour page.