Frosty Hills 2023

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The Frosty Hills tournament will be played on Saturday, January 28th 2023 in Toplice Sveti Martin, in two 14-hole rounds.

The tournament is played on the Spa Hills course as part of the LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin resort, so after the competition players can plan to go to the indoor swimming pools or the spa area of the resort.
Winter tournaments in Toplice Sveti Martin under the name Frosty Hills have been played since 2017. Through the first three years (2017, 2018 and 2019), three one-day tournaments connected in the Frosty Hills Series were played. In 2020, only one single-day tournament was played, a year later it was not played due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and in 2022, only one single-day tournament was played again. That being said, this will be the 6th edition of Frosty Hills. At the last, fifth, Frosty Hills, 45 players from Croatia, Austria and Slovenia participated.

The competition will take place in the categories MPO (open to male and female players), FPO (open female), Red (players of both genders PDGA rating up to 900), Green (players of both genders PDGA rating up to 850) and Purple (players of both genders PDGA rating up to 800). Any player can enter a competition in a higher category (eg all players can enter MPO), but you can only play in a lower category if your rating allows it, eg someone with a rating of 801 cannot play Purple).
Players who are not PDGA members and do not have a rating can play the Purple category only if they have not played PDGA tournaments so far, or they have played PDGA tournaments and the last 6 rounds are not worth more than 800 rating points on average. If those rounds are worth more than 800 then they can play the Green or MPO / FPO category.

Given that the competition is played on a 14-hole layout, the number of participants is limited to 56.

To sign up for the competition, open a separate registration page.
The results of the competition will be published on the PDGA website, where live results will also be kept.

The registration fee for the tournament in the MPO, FPO and Green categories is €16, and in the Purple category €8, and includes the organization of the competition, a fee to the Croatian Flying Disc Association, a fee for using the court, minor prizes for the first three players in MPO, FPO and Green, a minor prize for the winner in the Purple category and the raffle after the announcement of the winner.
The registration fee must be paid in advance to the giro account of the organizer:
Lagoda j.d.o.o., I. Cankara 9, Varaždin, IBAN HR63 2340 0091 1105 5034 9

In case of extremely bad weather forecast (very cold weather, strong wind combined with rain) there is a possibility to change the date of the competition. In this case, players who have paid the registration fee and cannot participate in the tournament on the new date have the right to a refund minus bank fees.

You can follow the weather forecast for Sveti Martin na Mura (the closest place to the field) on the website.

*** English version of this page was accidentally deleted after the event, and we did not work to translate it and put it back on in full (Croatian version is available in full)