TBT 2022 #1 - Spring Forester

Spring Forester is a two-day tournament that will be played on March 12 and 13, 2022 in Varaždin as the first round of the Triple Bogey Tour 2022.
This tournament is also the 1st round of the Croatian disc golf league 2022.

The course will be temporary layout at the same location where the Pro Forester, the 1st round of the EuroTour, will be played a week earlier (March 4-6), but holes will be designed according to the number of participants and their abilities, and not as hard and long as those planned for EuroTour.

The tournament will be played as a two-day tournament of three rounds of 18 holes.

All three events of the Triple Bogey Tour 2022 are played in the women's FPO category and PDGA color categories that are open to both genders - Purple (rating up to 800), Green (rating up to 850), Red (rating up to 900), White (rating up to 900). 935) and Gold (rating above 935).

A player who was eligible to participate in a particular category in the first round of the tour (e.g. someone with a rating of 846 sufficient for Green) can participate in that same category on all three stations of the tour, even if his rating exceeds the category limit in the meantime.
Since we do not know exactly what will be the interest of women to participate in the FPO or they will prefer to play color categories according to their rating, it will be possible to subsequently switch from FPO to Color or from Color to FPO up to 2 days before the tournament.
Each player can play in a higher category by rating if he so chooses (eg someone with a rating of 730 can play Purple, but also any other category, but a player with a rating of 870 cannot play Purple or Green)

If less than 3 players are registered in the Gold category, then the White category will be abolished and all players from White will play Gold, and so will remain in all subsequent tournaments of the tour.

The registration fee for the tournament for the categories Green, Red, White and Gold is 150 kn / 20 €, and the registration fee for the Purple category is 50 kn / 7 € and is paid to the account of Lagoda j.d.o.o. before the tournament.

For categories Green, Red, White and Gold from each paid registration fee, we will allocate 40 kn / 5.5 € to the prize pool and after the last event of the tour the best placed 25% of players for each category will receive cash prizes (or equivalent in goods) according to distribution table.

In the Purple category, there will be no distribution of prizes for the best 25% of players, but only the best 5 players in the overall standings will receive smaller prizes.

The competition will be held in accordance with the currently valid Covid19 measures.

You can follow the weather forecast for Varaždin on the Yr.no page.

The tournament program is as follows

Saturday, March 12th
from 8:30 - gathering on the course, by the Arena Varaždin
9:00 – Players meeting (outdoors)
9:30 - start of the 1st round, 18 holes
- lunch (own organization, sandwiches, etc. or order option)
14:00 - announcement of the groups for the second round
14:30 - start of the 2nd round, 18 holes

Sunday, March 13th
from 8:30 - gathering on the course, by the Arena Varaždin
8: 45-9: 00 - mandatory registration / confirmation of arrival
9:30 - start of the 3rd round, 18 holes
- Winners ceremony around 13:00
- lunch (own organization, sandwiches, etc. or order option)
14:00 - Lagoda Team Game, 2 rounds of 8 tracks, teams of 4 players (info will be available later)

The course map can be downloaded from this page.

Compared to the EuroTour event that you can see on a coverage by MDG Media, we will play the layout as follows: 1 - shor layout basket, 2, 3 and 4 the same as EuroTour, 4 - short tee, 5 and 6 the same as EuroTour, (first two holes by the river played at EuroTour are not played, but we continue from Euro Tour hole 9, what will now be 7), so 7 - same distance but no hazard, 8 - long tee and basket, but no hazard and played as par 5, 9 - basket will be 10m closer to the tee, 10 - not played at EuroTour, 11 - basket will be 10m closer, 12 - not played at EuroTour, 13 - the same as EuroTour but played as par 5, 14 - the same, 15 - short basket,  16, 17 and 18 - the same as EuroTour.

To sign up for the competition, open a separate application page.
The results of the competition will be published on the PDGA page.

Other information about the Triple Bogey Tour will be published soon (we are a bit busy due to the EuroTour tournament we are organizing on March 4-6)