DraFo Warmup 2023 was held

DraFo Warmup is a two-day tournament that was held over the weekend of October 28 and 29 2023 in Varaždin as the 9th round of the Croatian Disc Golf League in the 2023 season. This was the 1st edition of the tournament, and it was held a week before the 11th Drava Forester on the same course, with a slightly changed layout.

47 players from Croatia, Austria and Slovenia took part, and the playing conditions were good with pleasant weather without strong wind, while light rain interfered with the play only for a brief period of the first round.

The competition started on Saturday with the first round at 9:30, took place in three rounds of 18 holes each, and ended up on Sunday with the Winners ceremony at around 14 o’clock.

In the open MPO category, 11 players participated, and the victory was won by Tomislav Gorički (FDG Zagreb) with 5 shots above par, while the second place was shared by Nino Đurak (DGK Varaždin) and Christian Koller (Austria) with +7, respectively two throws behind the winner.

In the women's open FPO category, 9 players participated, and the victory was recorded by Ana Gorički (FDK Zagreb) with +23 and 5 throws ahead of Raphaela Narath (Austria). Third place was won by Ira Molnar Goricki (FDK Zagreb) with +37.

In addition to the elite open categories, the competition also took place in three lower categories according to the PDGA standard, which are open to players of both genders – the highest red, the lower green and the lowest purple.

In the Red category for players rated up to 900, 12 players participated, and the victory was taken by Andrej Kozic from Slovenia (playing for FDK Nova Gradiška) with a total of +7 compared to a pair of the course. The second place was taken by Peter Schwartz (Austria) with +15, and the third by Tomislav Frković (FDK Zagreb) with +16.

In the Green category for players rated up to 850, 7 players participated, and Tim Mencigar (Slovenia) won with +30. Antonio Grigić (DGK Lagoda) took second place, one throw behind the winner, while Danijel Belančić (FDK Nova Gradiška) and Adis Isanovic (Austria) shared the third place with +33.

In the beginner Purple category for players with a rating of up to 800, 8 players participated, and the victory was won by Johannes Koller (Austria) with a score of +24. Tin Kruhak (DGK Lagoda) took second place with +54, and Zvonimir Janković won third with +60.

Side events to the PDGA event were Ace pool, Overachiever and CTP.

The Overachiever award is given to the player who played the tournament in the average rating of all three rounds the most above his current rating, with the fact that the competition includes only players who already have at least 20 rounds included in their personal rating, because it is a bit easier for those who have just started playing disc golf to play well above their own rating, unlike those who have been playing disc golf for many years. Third place was taken by Toni Denona with +34, Andrej Kozic was second with +38, while the best was Borna Vardić with +42 above his personal rating.

The piggy bank for the Ace pool was empty after an ace was scored at the previous tournament, and in this tournament 28 players paid the registration fee, so the amount of the potential prize was €28. Since the ace was not hit, the stated amount is transferred to the next tournament organized by Lagoda - Chasing Crows.

CTP (Closest to the pin) was played on 64m long hole 17 and the prize was won by Dino Harambašić, whose disc come to rest at 51 cm from the basket.

After the Winners ceremony for the best in all categories, a tournament raffle was held in which prizes with a total equivalent value of €250 were awarded. Players who were drawn in the raffle could choose some of the prizes (disc golf backpack, dicks and equipment, etc.). The prize was taken by Marko Pavlović, Luka Sporiš, Jelena Geček, Davor Galic, Antonio grigić, Aleksandar Sudžuković and they cannot win the raffle at the next Lagoda tournament.

The results of the competition can be found on the PDGA website.

All photos taken at the tournament are in the Google Photos Album and you can download them and use them for social networks.
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