Drava Forester 2023 - pre registration

Drava Forester will be played for the 11th time in Varaždin from November 3 to 5. This tournament is an event that traditionally gathers 60 to 100 players from about 15 countries in one place with the aim of socializing and having fun for the end of their disc goal season.

Although the PDGA tournament is the main part of the event, it is almost a secondary activity in the entire Drava Forester happening, because we have prepared a rich program of side events for the participants that starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday evening. Socializing with many laughs usually lasts until the late hours on each day. Most of the participants who want to experience the true spirit of Drava Forester arrive to Varaždin on Wednesday afternoon (November 1st) and leave Varaždin on Monday morning (November 6th).

Pre-registration for the tournament is open from March 24th and during the first phase, until September 3rd, registrations are accepted only by players who want to participate in the full event program and be accommodated in the official accommodation that we will organize with our travel agency Vall Tours.

Please note that these are not registrations for the tournament, but only pre-registrations so that those players who need to plan their travel in advance (take days off from work, buy plane tickets, etc.) know that they have a guaranteed spot in the tournament.
Registrations for the tournament will start on September 3rd when all pre-registered players will need to confirm their place in the tournament, and all remaining places will be open for registration to other players.

The registration fee for the entire tournament will be around €150 for the MPO and FPO category and includes:
- organization of the tournament
- fee to the Croatian Flying Disc Association, PDGA fee
- transfers from the hotel to the course and back from Thursday to Sunday
- lunch at the course on Friday, Saturday and Sunday
- dinner every day from Thursday to Saturday
- souvenir - disk or T-shirt with tournament print, small souvenir of the tournament
- team building (Thursday)
- Lagoda Team Game (Friday and Saturday)
- Park it! contest (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)
- 3 consecutive putts contest (Thursday - Sunday)
- King of the table competition
- evening program on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The exact amount of the registration fee will be determined by September 3rd 2023.
Official accommodation for participants will be provided in Park Boutique Hotel 4* or Pansion Maltar 3*. Accommodation reservations will be made by the organizer (Lagoda Disc Golf), and all players will be contacted by e-mail after registration and asked for details about accommodation.

The field is limited to 90 players and the event will be played in three rounds od 21 hole (most likely the same or very similar like in 2022 - see course map in PDF on this page). One round will be played each day in groups of up to 5 players.

The tournament will be played in two categories open to amateur and pro players, Open and Open Women. The best 5 players in the MPO and FPO will participate in the final competition, and they will play on special 6 holes set up in the area in front of the Varaždin Arena. (See 2019 coverage of FPO finals and MPO finals)

For those players who want to participate in a more casual competition and pay a lower registration fee (or accompanying persons who are not experienced disc golfers, but want to participate in Drava Forester) we will organize a recreational Beer Forester tournament that is not a PDGA sanctioned. (additional information will be available until September 1)

To sign up open a separate registration page.
The list of players will be updated on the PDGA event page.

All additional information about the Drava Forester tournament can be found on the tournament page (for now, it contains information from the 2022 tournament)