Tomislav and Ira Gorički won in Zagreb

Zagreb Disc Golf Open is a one-day tournament that was held on Sunday, April 16, 2023 in Zagreb as the second round of the Croatian Disc Golf League in the 2023 season with the participation of 40 competitors from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Canada.

The competition was played on a 13-hole course, and it started with play in the first round at 10:00. During the first two rounds, the players were accompanied by occasional light rain and weak wind, while in the last third round the rain almost completely stopped, but the wind increased slightly to 4-5 m/s, which occasionally affected the flight of the discs. The tournament ended with the winners ceremony, which began at 17:10.

8 players participated in the open MPO category, and the victory was won by Tomislav Gorički (FDK Zagreb) with a total of -10 and three solid even rounds. Dinko Šimenc (DGK Lagoda, Varaždin) won the second place, despite a worse start where he was sharing the bottom seventh place after the first round, with an excellent second and third, and a total of -7. Third place, with one throw behind and a score of -6, went to Marijan Krištofić (DGK Stubaki, Stubičke Toplice).

In the women's open FPO category, 5 players participated, and the victory was won by Ira Molnar Gorički (FDK Zagreb) with +12. Maja Šimenc (DGK Lagoda) took second place with +14, and Danica Pajtak (DGK Varaždin) finished third with +21.

In the Red category for male and female players rated up to 900, 8 players participated, and the victory was taken by Tomislav Kačavenda (DGK Stubaki) with a total of -3, ahead of Tomislav Ćavar (FDK Zagreb) with -1 and the third-placed Tomislav Frković (FDK Zagreb) with +1.

In the Green category intended for players rated up to 850, 11 players took part, and the victory was taken by Andrej Kozic (FDK Nova Gradiška) with -4, a score that would have secured him a victory in the higher Red category or 5th place in the highest MPO category. Dino Harambašić (+8) and Adrian Liber (+11), both from DGK Lagoda, took second and third place in this category.

8 players participated in the Purple category for players rated up to 800, and Valentin Markolini (Zagreb) won with a score of +20, for whom this was the first tournament in his career. After three rounds, he was tied with Robert Burić (Zagorje Sports and Recreational Association), but he was better in the sudden death tie breaker. Burić thus won second place, and Marko Fabijan Pavlović (DGK Lagoda) won the last third place on the podium with +22.

The results of the competition can be found on the PDGA website.

The best men's round of -5 was played by Tomislav Kačavenda in the 2nd round (rating 998) and Dinko Šimenc in the 3rd round (rating 989), while the best women's round of +1 (rating 889) was played by Maja Šimenc.
The only ace in the tournament was scored by Marijan Krištofić on track 4 in the second round.

Photos: Krešimir Šarić and Lagoda Disc Golf

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