Lagoda Disc Golf

The company Lagoda j.d.o.o. was founded in 2012 with the aim of developing disc golf in Croatia and related forms of tourism, for which it received the support of the Ministry of Tourism in 2013 in the public call for "Innovative Tourism".

Company founders, siblings Maja and Dinko Šimenc, they have been actively involved in sports since 2011 and have rich experience of participating in international tournaments in over fifteen countries and personal contacts with players from all over the world. The company produces and sells all the necessary equipment for setting up and equipping disc golf courses and the organization of tourist and sports and recreational facilities. The opening of a web shop through which discs and other equipment from the world's most famous manufacturers will be available to players is also in the works.

International tournaments in Croatia
Until January 2024, the company Lagoda organized in Croatia and Slovenia more than one hundred international tournaments, among which we highlight the European Championship 2018 (watch video), World Team Disc Golf Championship 2022, Euro Tour event Pro Forester 2022 (watch video) and Euro Tour Pro Forester 2023 which was attended by the biggest sports star - the six-time and then current world champion, American Paul McBeth (watch video).

To date, we have organized tournaments, almost all with international players present, at disc golf courses - in Varaždinske Toplice, Platak and Toplice Sveti Martin, and on temporary courses set up with portable equipment in Varaždin (Drava course and Vodovodna course), in Zagreb (Bundek park, KIF area) and in Murska Sobota in Slovenia (park Fazanerija).

Disc golf tourism
In addition to events related to tournaments, and in cooperation with the tourist agency DMK Vall 042, tourist package programs have been designed for disc golf lovers and with the aim of traveling to some of the Croatian sights over several days, as well as visiting different disc golf courses.
We have held such aprogram twice so far, with a special guest - Paige Pierce, five-time world champion, and tourists from Canada, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary and Slovenia participated.

Team building and other programs
Upon request, we can organize team building programs that are based on the sport of disc golf or that are partially related to disc golf. So far, we have organized over 20 team building events related to disc golf, and the participants always had a good time.

Designing and equipping of the disc golf course
The company Lagoda j.d.o.o. has so far created projects and equipped the only five permanent disc golf courses in Croatia. The price of the entire project for an 18-hole course depends on the degree of arrangement of the course and the type of equipment, and ranges from an initial €14,000 to €30,000, with the fact that courses intended for beginners with 6, 9 or 12 holes can be designed at prices starting from €5,000. After equipping the course, our company actively participates in its use by organizing education and training for interested citizens and tourists, launching and coordinating local and regional leagues and domestic and international tournaments.
We also encourage the establishment of local disc golf clubs and provide them with all kinds of support during registration, initial operation, development and design of various disc golf content with the aim of massifying the club and actively involving the widest possible circle of local residents in the sport.

For vacation homes and other facilities related to tourism, we have designed a model for setting up disc golf training zone, a kind of mini-playground that can be arranged on an area of at least 10 x 15m and where the guests of the facility can play several fun games. The price of such a model starts at €550, and you can find more details in another article.

Contact us with all inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +385981936437 (WhatsApp).