Disc golf for holiday homes

Although you may not have heard of disc golf until now, it is one of the fastest growing sports in the world, it is easiest to describe it as an urban and more casual version of classic ball golf, and it is ideal as a sports and recreational activity for guests of all ages as well as for entire families. Also, considering its popularity in Northern and Western Europe, through your promotional activities, it can serve as a motive for the arrival of guests from, for example, Finland, Estonia, Sweden and Norway to your facilities. Disc golf has a tradition of more than 50 years, when it was created in the USA, where more than 4,000 courses have been designed to date. In Europe, it is most popular in the countries of Scandinavia (in Finland there are more than 700 coures used by more than 500,000 players), and in the last 10 years it has slowly spread towards Southern Europe. In the Czech Republic, this sport began to be developed in 2010, when the first course was set up, and to date, over 100 courses have been set up throughout the country, of which there are more in some cities - for example, seven in Prague, and two each in Brno and Ostrava.

Our company started developing disc golf in Croatia in 2012 and so far we have arranged five courses: in Platak (for the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County), in Varaždinske Toplice (for the City), in Toplice Sveti Martin as part of the tourist resort, in Stubičke Toplice (for the Municipality) and next to Labin for a private investor (Winery Juričić). Although a classic disc golf course usually consists of 18 holes designed on areas of 15 to 25 hectares, as a part of the holiday homes, one disc golf basket and markers for several games can be placed and used by guests of the facility, either independently or in a group.

The price of the package that includes 1 disc golf basket, 10 discs, markings on the ground for disc golf games and all the necessary instructions is €550 (we are not in the VAT system).
We deliver the equipment free of charge and in person for holiday homes located up to 120 minutes' drive from Varaždin (Croatia), while for those farther away, we determine the delivery price on request, depending on the costs of the courier service.

The basic equipment required for the game are specially designed discs made of plastic or rubber materials. Other important part of the equipment is the disc golf basket, that is, targets that need to be hit with a disc. To set up a disc golf practice area next to a holiday home, you need 1 basket, 10 discs and markings on the ground for different distances - from 5 meters to 10 or 15 meters (depending on the available surface).

Different games can be played on the one basket practice area, in which up to 20 players can participate. Instructions and rules of the games are delivered together with the equipment. The special charm of disc golf games is given by the possibility of using several mobile applications that offer guests the opportunity to compete with other people who are staying in the holiday home with them or compete with players from all over the world through internet results and rankings. Examples of these players are Disc Golf Training, JYLY Putting Game etc.

Every guest of the facility who has equipped the disc golf practice area through our company has the opportunity to participate in the annual competition that we conduct with all vacation homes where our disc golf practice area is installed. Guests who wish to do so can record their game and send the video to our contacts and thus enter the ranking through which we will reward the most successful participants at the end of the year. In this way, your guests will be motivated to play disc golf every day, which can fill a significant part of their free time. We will deliver detailed instructions and rules in the form of a leaflet or poster together with the equipment.

Flags, artificial grass carpet or plastic markers can be used as markings on the ground for disc golf games. In the package included in the price, there are 15 markings in the type according to the customer's wishes. Alternatively, the customer can independently acquire and place markings made of other materials that fit into the design of the area where the disc golf course is arranged (eg wood, stone, etc.).

Through our travel agency DMK Vall 042 which specializes in disc golf tourism, we will promote all vacation homes and other facilities that have a disc golf practice area in their offer and, we believe, contribute to the arrival of some new guests from abroad.

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