the Wedding tournament!

On this page you can find all main info's about the wedding of Tina and Dinko (June 3rd), and the activities on the following days.

15:30 - meet up at the Caffe bar Palacha (Franjevački trg 7, Google maps location ) where we will serve some snacks
16:30 - wedding ceremony at the Town hall (side entrance/exit - across the street from the Kino Gaj - movie theatre Gaj), Google maps

After the wedding ceremony guests are headed for the dinner and celebration at Zlatne gorice (Tina and Dinko head for a photo shoot on few location in town).
Zlatne gorice are at Banjščina 104, 42204 Varaždin Breg Google maps

Tina and Dinko arrive around 19, then we'll have some soup and warm starters, after a bit of a break we'll have main course (4 dishes + barbecue), later in the evening there will be some more barbecue, and then around 1:30 an goulash and sweets.
The party at Zlatne gorice can last until 5:00 and we expect this is the time we'll have to send you of for some rest.

12:00 - meet up at the Vodovodna course (park at Varaždin Bus parking) and then walk to this location at the course.
- considering that we expect you will sleep a bit longer, we will serve some late breakfast (pastry, possibly some cold cuts etc.)
- dress code for the tournament is - FANCY & FESTIVE

13:00 - Round 1 of the Wedding tourament (up to 90 minutes)

15:00 - Round 2 of the Wedding tournament

17:00 - early dinner (we will have spit roasted pig, and some bread and salat)
- head home to refresh

20:00 - meet up at the city park for the Biergarten / Beer festival (Google maps)

10:30 - meet up at the Vodovodna course
11:00 - Round 3 of the Wedding tournament
13:00 - Winners ceremony
- good bye and farewell! (or chill and relax if you are staying until Monday)