Team Euro - Registration

All WFDF member National Federations from Europe are invited to participate in ETDGC, as are their national Disc Golf Associations. It is not a requirement that players hold a PDGA membership.

In case that there are players with interest to take part but their nations did not register for the competition, we strongly encourage them to contact their national federation and propose to form a National team.
For info on contacting your national federation please visit WFDF's members list.
In case you'd need any help on that, feel free to contact LOC (Lagoda Disc Golf, Dinko Šimenc via the form at the bottom of this page) or WFDF (Karina Woldt).

Team registration is open until July 21st. To register please contact WFDF (Karina Woldt).

WFDF World Ranking Points will be awarded to every team that attends with bonus points available the higher up the event table a team finishes.
Each team will be allocated 3 World Ranking Points for participation.
Points shall also be awarded for finishing places at ETDGC - Each place shall be awarded 2 x the number of teams who attend the event. For example if there were 12 teams then first place would be awarded 12 x 2, second place 11 x 2 etc.

Current World Rankings can be seen at WFDF's page.

As of July 13th teams registered for the event are Austria, Croatia, Finland, France, Great Britain, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain.