The competition will take place on a temporarily course arranged by the Varaždin Arena sports hall - in the old forest and on the embankment of the Drava river, which we are sure will give players the pleasure of the game, but also a challenge in solving problems that technically demanding holes will put in front of them.

Longer orange and shorter blue tees will be arranged on most of the 18 holes, with only the MPO and MP40 categories playing orange tee and all other blue tee categories.

Additional  course information will be available in early 2022.

If you want to find out more information about the area where the tournament will be played, check out the video coverage from the Drava Forester 2019 tournament:
Round 3 - part 1
Round 3 - part 2
MPO Finals - Top 5 at 6 holes
FPO Finals - Top 5 at 6 holes

Video recorded at the course at Drava Forester 2019:

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