Arriving to Varaždin

Varazdin is located in the northern part of Croatia, and is distanced 80 kilometers from Zagreb. Players can arrive to the tournament by private or public transport. Varazdin has both bus (faster) and train (slowers) connections with Zagreb but not very good connections to other cities, especially those in the surrounding countries.

If you are arriving to the tournament by your own vehicle, you can easily drive all the way to the course by the Arena Varaždin, where is a large number of free-of-charge parking spaces.

If you are arriving by public transport then once you are in the city you can use the Taxi service and you will pay around 4-5 € for the ride inside ​​the city. E-scooters Bolt (that were used by some players in 2022) are not available in anymore.

All players arriving by airplane who wish to book airport shuttle can contact us ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) to advise them on the choice of airport and time of arrival / departure. When it will be possible we will look to group up more people to the same shuttle (e.g. by van or mini bus) so that the price per person will be as low as possible.

The best option to fly in is Zagreb airport as it is just 50 minute car ride and there are no risks for a longer delay as there is no heavy traffic on the route (highway) to Varaždin.
Other nearby airports that we could arrange transfer from are Maribor, Slovenia (1:00 hour by car to Varaždin), Graz, Austria (2:00), Ljubljana, Slovenia (2:30), Rijeka, Croatia (3:00), Budapest, Hungary (3:45), Vienna, Austria (3:45) but with those there is always a factor of traffic (it can be especially heavy when reaching Budapest airport) so your shuttle might last somewhat longer.

Airport shuttle prices will be determined for each airport separately, upon request.

A shuttle by car from Zagreb costed in 2022 around 70€ (equally divided among (up to 3) passengers) while car shuttle from Budapest / Vienna was around 200 € (equally divided among (up to 3) passengers). What we usually do is try and group people into van (up to 8 passengers) or mini bus (up to 18 passengers) shuttles and then the price can drop down to 30-40€ from Vienna / Budapest or 15€ from Zagreb for one way ride.

All players will have an option to book official accommodation – course shuttle option what is extra charged for the event. The shuttle service will operate from Wednesday to Sunday while the details on it will be announced at a later date.

For players who will be traveling further to Euro Tour #2 Konopište we offer the possibility of organizing a transfer by car, van or bus. The expected duration of the trip to Konopište is, with stops, 9 to 10 hours. The price will be determined upon request.

Drava Forester course is at the adress:
Gradska sportska dvorana Varazdin
Setaliste Franje Tudmana 1, Varazdin
GPS: 46.317467, 16.359210 - parking, Tornament center
GPS: 46.312258, 16.370797 - Tee 1
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