Event format and payout

The tournament is held as a PDGA A-Tier event and all rules and regulations applicable to competitions of that level apply.

The competition takes place in three rounds of 18 holes, and is played with a delayed start in such a way that all groups start the play from hole 1, with a gap of 7.5 or 10 minutes between groups. There is a possibility that some groups (e.g. which will be filmed) start the play with a greater time delay than the previous group. All competitors play all full three rounds.

The Pro Forester event is played as two PDGA tournaments, one for the MPO and FPO divisions and the other for the "masters" divisions. The course of 18 holes will be arranged in such a way that the long layout (layout) is played by the MPO and MP40 divisions and the short layout by all other divisions. According to this the daily schedule of the game will be determined, so the divisions that play the long layout will play in the connected time tables, as well as the categories that play the short layout.

In the event of a tie for 1st place, a sudden death playoff will be played. Exact propositions for Sudden death will be published on this page before the start of the tournament.

Prize money will be distributed among top 33% finishers in each division according to PDGA guidelines that will be announced before the start of the tournament.

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