Spring Forester EuroTour 2020
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Varaždin, Croatia
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April 10 - 12, 2020
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by Lagoda Disc Golf

Spring Forester - the Course

The competitions will take place on a temporary course set in the forest by the Arena Varaždin sports hall and on the open Drava River embankment, which we are sure will afford the players the pleasure of the game, but also a challenge in solving the problems that the technically demanding holes will set before them. Some of the 18 holes will feature a longer white and slightly shorter yellow tee, with only the MPO and MP40 categories playing white tee, and all other categories yellow tee.

Additional info on the course will be available soon, but the layout will be similar (consisting of 18 instead of 21 holes) to the layout played at Drava Forester 2019 what was filmed by The Disc Golf guy and can be seen at the following links:
Round 3 - part 1
Round 3 - part 2
MPO Finals - Top 5 at 6 holes
FPO Finals - Top 5 at 6 holes

Until Spring Forester layout is finalized you can download and check out Drava Forester 2019 course map and tee signs as PDF from this page.

At the tournament we provide a shuttle for all groups to the tee 1.

Drava Forester 2019 course map (until Spring Forester layout is finalized):

Drava Forester 2019