Spring Forester EuroTour 2020
Varaždin, Croatia
April 10 - 12, 2020
by Lagoda Disc Golf

Spring Forester - Registration and stages

EuroTour #1 event Spring Forester 2020 has been postopned due to the Covid-19 pandemics. New tournament date will be announced later in the year.

Registrations for the competition are open since 30.12.2019. through the Disc golf scene site, and the categories open to register are FPO, FP40, MPO, MP40 and MP50.
If there are open spots available, in the fourth stage o registrations from February 11th, amateur categories FA1 and MA1 will be open for registrations, but for the duration of the Stage 4 the overall cap for AM players will be set to 30. In stage 5, from March 11 and on the cap will be released.
Minimal PDGA rating for players to register, in any division is set to 750.

The registration fee for PRO categories is € 120, out of which approximately € 95 goes towards the prize pool.
Cash prizes will be paid out for 25% of the best placed participants in each category in cash immediately after the winners ceremony (and during the evening for players who are staying around for another night).

The registration fee for AM categories is € 60, out of which approximately € 35 goes towards the prize pool. Top 25% of players in each category will recieve prizes (pro shop vouchers etc.).

The list of registered players is available at both DG scene and at the PDGA tournament page.

Registration stages are as follows:
Registration stages