Spring Forester EuroTour 2020
Varaždin, Croatia
April 10 - 12, 2020
by Lagoda Disc Golf

Spring Forester - hotel

The official accommodation for the event is Turist Hotel where we will have the Players meeting and some side events of the tournament.

Although it is not mandatory for players to stay at the Turist Hotel, we are recommending that as “All players staying at the same place” is one of the most quoted positive remarks by players of our past events (like Drava Forester, Spa Hills or European Championships 2018) where socializing between players that happened after the rounds was always an important positive aspect of the event.

Tournament center in the hotel is on the level -1 and consists of a large hall where we usually run side events (putting contest, team building games etc.) and another room where a private tournament bar and dance floor is set. All hotel guests can easily, by the use of elevator and literary in their slippers, reach this area and leave back to room at any time they want to.

Hotel Turist accommodation can be booked through event organizers from Lagoda Disc Golf and we will contact all registered players to ask if they want to book it or not.

Room prices include bed, breakfast and tourist tax:

Standard rooms
Single room: 297 kn (~40 €)
Double room:    245 kn (~33 €)
Triple room:      230 kn (~31 €)

Standard rooms are in the style of the 80’s, not the newest furniture etc. but still at decent quality as many players who have been returning for Drava Forester keep booking those each year.

Premium rooms
Single room: 342 kn (~46 €)
Double room:    290 kn (~39 €)
Triple room:      275 kn (~37 €)

Premium rooms have been renovated in 2010’s and have a nicer, modern, look.

There is a hotel parking free for the guests.

Hotel Turist is 7-8 minutes by car from the Spring Forester course (by Arena Varaždin sports hall) and daily shuttle option will be offered for players to book, but a Taxi service is also available at the price of 20-30 kn (3-4.5 €) per Hotel – Course ride.

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