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Pro Forester is one out of 7 tournaments of the highest European competition rank EuroTour and will be played in a new date from September 22 to 24.

The Lagoda Disc Golf team has organized over 60 international disc golf tournaments since 2012 with participation by more than 500 different players of 31 countries. We especially emphasize 8 editions of the Drava Forester tournament, the 2018 European Championship and winning a bid to host the WFDF’s World Team Disc Golf Championship which will be held in 2022 in Varaždin.
In addition to everything organized so far, we are especially honored and pleased to have the opportunity to organize one out of seven tournaments of the new elite disc golf tour of our continent and look forward to welcoming players from all over Europe (and hopefully from other continents) in Varaždin, the city where we live and work.

The city of Varaždin is the center of one of the 21 Croatian counties and a place with a rich history that today has a population of almost 50,000. In the middle of the 18th century, the city was the capital, i.e., the administrative center, of the then Croatia, for 21 years, and after the great fire in 1776 that burned most of the buildings, power was returned to Zagreb. Then the city was rebuilt in the Baroque and Roccoco style, so today it is the best preserved urban complex in continental Croatia, and the city center is a large pedestrian zone full of historic houses, buildings and palaces. For more information about the city, open a separate page.

Pro Forester will bring together up to 140 players from about 15 countries, and will be played over three days, from Friday, June 4, to Sunday, June 6, through one round of 18 holes a day. The format of the tournament is such that all players play three rounds with a start delayed by 5, 7 or 10 minutes between groups (depending on the number of groups, etc.). Depending on the total number of competitors and the duration of each round, it is possible to hold the final 6-hole round for the 5 best FPO and MPO players (as is usual in the Drava Forester tournament held annually in November), but the decision on that will be made in April. For more information, open a separate page.

The competitions will take place on a temporarily course set near Arena Varaždin - in the old park forest and on the embankment of the Drava river, which we are certain, will give players the pleasure of the disc golfing in a nice scenery, but also a challenge in solving problems that technically demanding holes will put in front of them. On most holes, a longer orange and shorter blue tee will be used, with only the MPO and MP40 categories playing orange tee, and all other divisions playing blue tee. For more information about the course open the separate page.

Registrations for the competition will open on January 17, 2021 via the Disc golf scene page, and the categories open for registration are FPO (women), FP40 (women over 40), MPO (men), MP40 (men over 40), MP50 (men over 50) and MP60 (men over 60 years).
All players who signed up for Spring Forester 2020 event that was canceled due to the Covid19 pandemics and who did not ask for a refund have kept their spots in the tournament and don't need to sign up again. The same works for players who have signed up for original 2021 date before event was moved for September.
If there are available spots in the tournament, in the fourth stage of registrations starting at February 11th, amateur categories will be opened, first with the cap to 30 players, and in the 5th stage with not cap.
The registration fee for participation in the pro categories is €90. Cash prizes will be paid to 33% of the best placed participants in each category. The list of registered players (at the moment only those who kept their spots from 2020 event) can also be found on the PDGA page of the tournament.
Live scoring of the event will be provided by the Udisc Live.
For more information on registrations and registration criteria depending on the rating in a particular category, visit the separate page.

The course will be ready for play no later than Monday, September 15, and the official tournament program will begin on Thursday, September 21, 2021 with a welcome dinner at 7 pm and a Players meeting at 8 pm (if the same will be possible in relation to the current Covid-19 pandemic situation). Competitions with one round of play per day will take place on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while in the afternoon and evening, participants will be offered side events such as a group dinner, team games, etc., if possible in relation to the Covid-19 pandemic.
The tournament part of the competition will end on Sunday September 24th no later than 6 pm, and for all players who stay in the hotel until Monday, there will be an evening gathering after the tournament.
For a complete program of the event, open a separate page.

If you arrive to the tournament with your own vehicle, you can easily get all the way to the course next to Arena Varaždin where there are a large number of free of charge parking spaces.
If you are coming to Varaždin by public transport, then you can use the Taxi service, and one-way transport in the city area will cost you 25-30 kn (3.5-4.5 €).
All players who come to the tournament by plane and want us to arrange a transfer can contact us to give them advice on choosing an airport and arrival and departure time in order to connect more people to the same transfer (e.g. transport by van or mini bus) for the transfer price per person would be as low as possible.
To players who come without their own vehicle, we will offer the option of transfer from the hotel to the course and back (8-10 minute car ride), and a Taxi service is always available to them at the previously mentioned prices.
For more information on transfers, visit a separate page.

The official accommodation of the tournament is supposed to be at the Hotel Turist where we have had organized most of our past events but since mid 2020 the hotel has a new ownership and is being renovated since January 1st 2021 so we will keep track of the process and find the alternative official accommodation option/s in case that hotel is not open until Pro Forester event.
The tournament partner, and sister company, is tourist agency DMK Vall 042 that can provide all players with accommodation option, either in the official hotel, a hostel or at private apartments. If you plan to book some accommodation in Varaždin area to stay for the event we'd appreciate (but it's not mandatory) if you'd book it through DMK Vall 042, as that way we can keep track of overnight stays made because of Pro Forester and ask the City and City Tourist board for additional support to run the event (added cash to the pro purse etc.).
For additional info, check out the accommodation page.

If you have any other questions about the Pro Forester tournament, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Dinko Šimenc, tournament director
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.