Mars Springs

Mars Springs tournament is played since 2015 with the arrival of Spring on a Jupiter’s Shade course in Varaždinske Toplice. On different years it was played as a single one-day event or as a series of two or three single day events.

In 2020 Mars Springs will be a one-day event played in two 18-hole rounds on Saturday March 7th.

Considering that the course is not in the state we consider the standard for Lagoda events we would like to point out that:
- teeing areas are just marked on the ground, not leveled, and there is no tee pads
- there is no toilette at the course (nearest bar is 5 min on foot)
- there is no chairs or tables at the course

Considering that holes are rather short and the round usually lasts from 90 to 120 minutes there will be no longer lunch break during the rounds so we will have only short 30-minute break (bring sandwiches and drinks), while after 2nd round there will be an option for a group lunch or just socializing with some drinks at the nearby restaurant.

Competition is open in two main categories FPO (female) and MPO (male).
To sign up for the event open the registrations page.
Players list will be updated at the PDGA page while live scoring will be provided at Disc Golf Metrix page.

Tournament fee is set to 75 kn / 10 € and needs to be paid in advance to organizer's bank account:
Lagoda j.d.o.o., I. Cankara 9, Varaždin, IBAN HR63 2340 0091 1105 5034 9
SWIFT (BIC) code : PBZGHR2X, Bank: Privredna banka Zagreb
Players from outside of Croatia can, to avoid bank fees, also pay in cash on site.

Tournament program:
10:30 – players meeting
11:00 – Round 1 (expected duration until 13)
13:30 – players meeting
13:45 – Round 2 (expected duration until 15:45)
16:00 – Winners ceremony
16:15 – Option for lunch and socializing in Villa Toplissa restaurant

Course map will be published at this page in a few days.

Download attachments: