Drava Forester

Drava Forester is a traditional disc golf tournament that has been taking place since 2012 in early November and is commonly on schedule for many players from around the world as closing of the competitive season.
Tournament is played in one round of play in three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), but rich program of side-events start as early as Wednesday when most players arrive. A large number of players from 15 countries return to the tournament year after year (many have already been with us  4-5 times) to meet up with friends again and have a lot of, often, crazy and wild fun.
The tournament program usually consists of a welcome dinner, a Halloween party, a themed dress code party, a group dinner at one of the city restaurants, putting and park it contests, team disc golf game, team building and other games so that all those who do not want to rest, can fully fill up their time spent with us.
The 9th edition of the tournament will be held from Wednesday 28.10. through Monday, November 2, and registrations are, until August 2020, open to players who wish to participate in the entire 5-day program.  As of January 14 2020 there are 21 players have signed up.

More info about the tournament itself and the registrations can be found on the tournament website www.dravaforester.com

For any additional info feel free to contact us via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.