About disc golf

Disc golf is a sport with tradition lasting for almost 50 years, and it is the most popular in the United States and the countries of Northern and Western Europe. In these countries each year opens a big number of new courses in the park areas and in city suburbs. It is also common to hace courses arranged on University campuses and thus become a daily habit and recreation for all ages and diverse types of people.

This sport is very similar to the traditional ball golf with the difference that players throw flying discs towards a specially designed disc golf basket.

Disc golf course can be arranged on almost any terrain, as because of the fact that discs are traveling by air it can be played on different types of terrain - in the open or in the forest, grass, rocks, sand, land and almost any other surface. Hence it is environmentally acceptable, and other than the occasional mowing does not require other significant maintenance costs.

To each recreational player only two flying disc are sufficient that are available to purchase in Croatia at the price from 65kn (~9€) to 130kn (~17€) each, what makes the sport cheap and available to practically any interested person.

The central global body that takes care of the development of sports and competitions is a Professional Disc Golf Association.
According to PDGA statistics about 8-12 million people at least once tried this sport, there are about 500.000 regular players in the world, and PDGA has 16.000 current members who pay an annual membership fee. In 2011, around the world 1.338 events were held with 92,055 participants and a total prize pool of over US $ 2,000,000.
That sport is very popular among all age groups shows information about PDGA membership which consists of 30% of members aged 20-29 years, 32% of 30-39 years and 32% older than 40 years.