Disc golf tournament schedule for 2017 in Croatia

In 2017 we plan to organize 15 PDGA disc golf tournaments. As for now, scheduled are six two-day events (out of it three are a part of 9-day tour), eight one-day and one three day event, but there is always a chance to add a few more.

At the bottom of this page you can download a full calendar of events in Croatia, region and major international events.

Schedule for Lagoda PDGA events in 2017:

January 14. - Forsty Hills Series Day 1, Toplice Sveti Martin
February 4 - Forsty Hills Series Day 2, Toplice Sveti Martin
February 25 - Forsty Hills Series Day 3, Toplice Sveti Martin

March 11 - Mars Springs Series Day 1, Varaždinske Toplice
March 26 - Mars Springs Series Day 2, Varaždinske Toplice
April 8 - Mars Springs Series Day 3, Varaždinske Toplice

May 6 - Zip line Challenge, Rudopolje - Vrhovine (posponed - a new date will be set later in the year)
May 20 - Wild Horses Challenge, Platak

June 10-11 - 2nd Central European Disc Golf Championship, Toplice Sveti Martin (special registration procedure)

July 8-16 - Stray Disc Tour
   - Drava Forester Reverse, Varaždin, July 8-9
   - Jupiter's Shade, Varaždinske Toplice, July 12-13
   - Spa Hills, Toplice Sveti Martin, July 15-16

August, 12-13 - Platak Open, Platak (not confirmed)

September 23-24 - Bundek Open, Zagreb (not confirmed)

November 3-5 - Drava Forester, Varaždin (special registration procedure)

If you want to receive info on upcoming tournaments in Croatia get in touch via our info e-mail address (at the bottom of the page)