Disc golf course

Conventional disc golf course consists of 18 holes, but it is common to have smaller courses with 9 or 12 holes. To play one round on the 18-hole course it takes about 2 to 3 hours - depending on the skills players have and the number of people playing in the group.

Disc Golf Course
The course consists of 18 (or 6, 9, 12, 21 ...) holes that are, if it is possible due to the configuration and shape of the terrain, arranged in a way to close the circle and for the player, having played the last hole to return to the beginning of the first one. Unlike traditional ball golf with disc golf the terrain does not have to be perfectly prepared and the intervention in nature to arrange it is minimal so the sport is environmentally friendly. It is desirable that the course area is as diverse as possible and that it combines open areas and woods, as well as a flat ground with elevations. Natural barriers such as isolated trees, large rocks, streams, small lakes and similar contribute to designing a creative holes that will provide players with many different tasks and challenges. In the areas like meadows where there is no diversity of terrain and natural obstacles, it is needed to work a little bit more to design a fun course, but with the use of natural materials (wood) additional barriers can be set up that add to make the game interesting and challenging.

Disc golf hole
Each disc golf hole must include a starting position (the tee) and the final position (disc golf basket). The main task set before the players is to get from the initial to the final position in as few throws by throwing the disc. Each hole can also have additional task like requiring to pass a certain tree (or artificially made wooden barrier) on the left or right side, with penalties in the case of passing the wrong side of “mandatory”. Also, it is common to have "OB areas" (Out of Bounds - outside the field of play)marked on the ground, and players are not allowed to hit it. In case of doing so, the number of throws that are performed on this hole will be increased by one (+1) for each throw that landed in the “OB”.

Disc golf courses in Croatia and the region
In Croatia, there are three permanent public courses - Disc Golf Course Platak, Disc Golf Course Varazdinske Toplice and Disc Golf Course Toplice Sveti Martin. These three courts were designed by the company Lagoda j.d.o.o. In addition to the three mentioned courses there is a course Disc Martinuševec in the village Martinuševec in Medjimurje County, which was arranged in 2010 on private land. This court has neither table nor course map and is not suitable for individual arrival, without prior consultation with the local players.

Near the Croatia there are several disc golf courses in the region. In Slovenia, there are courses in the ski resort Kope and in town of Mezica, and in the suburbs of Ljubljana there is a small 6-hole practice. In Austria, the nearest courses are those in the area of Graz - one in Resort Josefhof and two in ski resorts Hebalm and Schoeckl. List and location of most disc golf courses in the world can be found in the database of the World Association PDGA.